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«Покайтеся, бо наблизилось Царство Небесне» - 01/23/20

Після Святого Хрещення Ісус Христос, почав навчати і проповідувати у Галілеї, серед поган. Першими словами Його проповіді були: «Покайтеся, бо наблизилось Царство Небесне» (Мт. 4,17). Ісус звертається до нас. Коли ми в Нього охрестилися, то одягнулися в Нього, «зодягнулися у світло» (Гал. 3, 27), Його світло, разом з Отцем, Який є джерелом світла та Його Духом істини, що світить для нас.

Four Orthodox Lessons From Martin Luther King - 01/20/20

Every January Americans pause to honor the memory of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. who led a civil rights movement that called this nation to see every person as created in the image and likeness of God and worthy of equal treatment under the law. One of the most beautiful moments in American Orthodox history was when Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America chose to march against racial segregation laws with Rev. King in Selma, Alabama. This event made famous on the cover of Life Magazine serves as a constant reminder that the Orthodox faith is not a museum of history but a way of living in the world that must carefully cultivated and acted upon. What we believe as Orthodox Christians is not merely one private opinion among many but an eternal truth that has serious implications for every choice we make. The fact that the most distinguished bishop in American Orthodoxy chose to march with Rev. King reminds every Orthodox Christian that we can learn much from the witness of America’s leading civil rights leader.

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