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Sunday of All Saints of Ukraine – What is the Purpose for this Sunday? - 06/24/19

On the second Sunday after Pentecost our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church celebrates the Sunday of All Saints of Ukraine. Sadly, many of our parishes are witnessing a decline in Sunday worship and in membership. Our parishes are doing everything possible just to keep up with the monthly expenses. Is praying for the bills to be paid the main purpose for the Church? There is another purpose for the church – that purpose is to make people holy. A church that does not make it’s people holy is not a church, it is merely an organization which uses the word 'Church'. The Church celebrates the memory of the holy ones, the saints, to show us living examples of people whose souls were saved, so that we can imitate them in our lives. They teach us how to please God. Today is the Sunday of All Saints of Ukraine and we commemorate all of those men, women and children that are famously known to us and those who are known only to God.

Всіх Святих угодників Божих - 06/20/19

У першу неділю після П'ятидесятниці - дня народження Церкви Христової, ми молитовно вшановуємо всіх святих угодників Божих. Ми, члени Церкви земної, віддаємо свою шану та засвідчуємо молитовне єднання з членами небесної Церкви. Слово "святий" походить від грецького слова hagios, що означає "присвячений Богу, святий, священний, благочестивий".

День Святої Тройці. П’ятидесятниця. - 06/12/19

Після Вознесіння Господа нашого Ісуса Христа, Його учні згідно настанови свого учителя залишилися у Єрусалимі чекати 10 днів, на що, - вони самі не знали. Ці 10 днів Апостоли провели не марнуючи, вони прожили їх у молитві і пості, як воно і належеться перед тим, коли щось важливе повинно статися у нашому житті. І ось цей день настав: Нагло зчинився шум із неба, ніби буря раптова зірвалася, і переповнила ввесь той дім, де сиділи вони. І з’явилися їм язики поділені, немов би огненні, та й на кожному з них по одному осів. Усі ж вони сповнились Духом Святим, і почали говорити іншими мовами, як їм Дух промовляти давав” (Дії 2:2-4).

The Feast of Pentecost - 06/12/19

The Feast of Pentecost is traditionally considered the birth of what is today known as the Christian Church. The Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles assembled in the upper room and their subsequent address to those who had gathered outside begins the international and intercultural spread of Christianity.

Вознесіння Господа нашого Ісуса Христа - 06/06/19

Господь наш Ісус Христос приготовлював Своїх учеників до розлуки з ним та до продовження ними Його місії на землі. Після Свого воскресіння із мертвих Ісус являвся вже прославленим тілом ученикам, жонам- мироносицям, апостолам, вірним, споживав з ними їжу та навчав про Царство Боже, творив чудеса (Ів. 21:6).

Homily for the Sunday after Ascension - 06/05/19

In Between Time

This (“in between time”) term summarizes so much for us. We all seem to be living in the time between one thing and another.

For youth. For our youth, this is the time between when our youth have been granted adult bodies and a certain knowledge of how the world works - and the time when they can put those bodies and their talents to good use. And no longer does such a description simply apply to the challenges of being a teenager; our culture has extended this time of waiting past its natural breaking point, well into adulthood. This creates tremendous dissonance and tension between what their biology and morality tell them to be natural and correct and what the world tells them is the right way they should live. It is also a time of great anticipation as they wait for their chance to “make a difference”, but this anticipation can be incredibly stressful and brings strong temptations for nihilism, hedonism, self-absorption, superficiality, and despondency.



The Samaritan Woman - 05/24/19

It was the sixth-hour of the day, the hottest part of the day with the sun at its zenith. It was perhaps the worst time of the day to visit Jacob’s well. But water was the life blood of any Samaritan village and the community well had to be visited daily. There would be no avoiding it even though this particular Samaritan woman, whom tradition calls Photini, had little desire to have any kind of chance meetings with fellow Samaritans. Her life, with its multiple marriages and taint of fornication, had made her an outcast among the other good women of this town. In order to avoid the shame and displeasure of being shunned, she came late that day. The resulting meeting with the man who waited at the well, despite the initial social awkwardness of this seemingly chance encounter, would change everything.

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